Why Resume Rehab?

Addicted to better resumes.

You’re more than just a piece of paper. So why settle for a bulleted Word template?

After my own post-college job search, I realized how difficult it can be to develop a resume that truly speaks for the person you have become. After years of school, internships and even entry-level jobs, you’re left to create a resume all on your own.

In class, you learn how to be the best at your job – but no one ever tells you how to market yourself to potential employers. You’ve got one shot to get in the door for your interview – the dreaded (and often depressingly boring) resume.

As a communication and integrated marketing professional, I understand how to market brands and believe the same consideration should be made for individuals. Market yourself through your resume, cover letter and networking.

We live in an advertising-saturated world where anyone can Google or Facebook you. We all know how to use a computer and figure out how to make a (plain ol’) resume. But how do you set yourself apart from a crowded e-mail inbox? How do you phrase your resume to demonstrate that you are different (and better) than other candidates?

What I strive to do is very simple – first, I offer a detached view of your current resume and game plan. Then, I give advice on how to rewrite your materials and make them better – easier to read, more exciting and true to you. Emphasize key words and point out your strengths. Differentiate you from the pack. Take it or leave it.

It worked for me. My friends. And their friends. With better resumes, they entered the job market and earned the jobs they deserved with a little resume detox.

So, ready to talk?
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The opinions expressed on this website] are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.


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