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Choosing personal references

Just got a question from someone about how to choose a personal reference. On a job application, they were told not to include relatives or former employers.

With that in mind, there are a lot of people you could ask to be a reference.

  • School – a professor, a student that you did a project with
  • Church – pastor or other leader, parishioner
  • Volunteer – volunteer supervisor, fellow volunteer
  • Sports – former coach or teammate
  • Friends – your best friend, a friend in the same industry, a family friend
  • Community – a neighbor or civic leader

Above all, choose someone that knows you well and can speak to the skills and traits you want to portray to a potential employer. Someone that has a professional demeanor and can articulate your qualifications will always be your best choice. And make sure to ask the person to be a reference before you put down their information.


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