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You heard the woman

It’s already Christmastime! And chances are if you’re unemployed or thinking about making a career change – there’s a lot on your mind during this holiday break.

I just read this great article from Heidi Ehlers over at Talent Zoo about how to “Get Your Shiznit Together” during the next couple weeks.

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Make a fashion statement with your resume

According to CNN, she’s been looking for a job for a year and applying to 40 jobs every day. Then last week she got an idea after seeing a man wearing an “Unemployed” shirt. So she put her resume on the front of a shirt and her cover letter on the back. Now she hangs out at coffee shops and busy intersections trying to get the attention of potential employers.

She also has her resume on her car window and sent postcards to potential employers.

“If I can sell myself this well, I can sell your company this well as well,” she said.

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Marketing Yourself

Since I studied (and work in) marketing communication, I have a different perspective on job hunting than an HR person or even the average job applicant. Looking for a job, much like dating, is about marketing yourself. The more competition there is, the more important it is to differentiate yourself from the pack.

When I came across Michael Driehorst’s latest blog post on Talent Zoo today, I immediately knew I had to share his thoughts with you. Michael is a PR professional that’s currently out-of-work. He’s a blogger (check out his blog: Mike’s Points) with some great insights into how you can market yourself in a job search much like advertisers and public relations professionals market their clients’ brands.

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