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Stats on the job market

A little depressing, but important to know.

This article from Dime Crunch states that the average job search is lasting 211 days and that there are 11.5 million receiving unemployment benefits right now, with more than 1.5 million expecting their benefits to run out in March.

Knowing that, ramp up your job search!

Revise your resume, get networking and improve your interviewing skills.

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The latest stats say that the unemployment rate went down last month. But what does that number really say? It does not account for people who aren’t collecting unemployment, those who have taken part-time jobs because they cannot find full-time professional work, or those that have pushed off entering the job market by staying in school.

Here’s a great little video from that I found via Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck. I highly recommend reading this blog post which goes into some greater detail about the difference between being unemployed and underemployed and how the underemployed are not included in the peachy statistical analyses.

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